David Lindley
Fri, Jun 2, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
“The Musician From Mars strikes again…During this interview, David Lindley described the great violin player, Sugar Cane Harris as a 'force of nature.' This could easily be said of Lindley as well. With a recording session list as long and legendary as anyone could possibly imagine, he remains a person with no sense of his own celebrity. While he is known for his love of polyester on stage, playing a modern day cosmic court jester, his music is diverse. He plays with love for the tradition of each instrument, such as the oud, a love for the song, and especially his audience.” – No Depression
“Mr. Lindley collects not just instruments, but oddball songs, particularly those filled with the matter-of-fact absurdism that's part of American mountain and country traditions…Mr. Lindley doesn't pretend to make a major statement; he just plays songs that challenge his fingers and tickle his funny bone. By calmly underplaying those songs, Mr. Lindley lets their humor - and his own -shine through.” — The New York Times
The Shedd Institute welcomes David Lindley back to the Jaqua Concert Hall. Well known for his many years as the featured accompanist with Jackson Browne and leader of his own band El Rayo-X, Lindley has long championed world music. His electro-acoustic performance blends American folk, blues and bluegrass traditions with African, Arabic, Asian, Celtic, Malagasy and Turkish music. Lindley incorporates an array of stringed instruments including Kona and Weissenborn Hawaiian lap steel guitar, Turkish saz and chumbus, Middle Eastern oud and Irish bouzouki.
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Friday Jun 2
6:00 pmDinner before David Lindley
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Jaqua Concert Hall
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