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The Magical Moombah 2017-18
Fri, Mar 9 - Sat, Mar 10
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
Dentistry For Children
Moombah Title Sponsor
The Eye Center
Shedd Presenting Sponsor
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HEE! HEE! HEE! Rumbles and the Moombahteers get Professor Rube Goldberg to help them invent a doo-hickey to serve Sir Randall a pie for his birthday in the most epic and complicated way possible! They need a whatchama-callit -- you know, the dealy-wack that's used to jigger the what-sis. After a big rigamarole and plenty of nonsense, they have the perfect Rube Goldberg pie delivery machine and Sir Randall gets his pie and each Moombah member has a Ph.D. in Nonsense! Look for great songs like "Mairzy Doats", "Who Put The Bomp", "The Thing", "Moses Supposes", "Funiculi, Funicula", "Ja-Da", "Rag Mop" and more!
Come join Rumbles, Gloria, Sparky, Sylvain, Tom, Ami-Nola, Steve and special guest artist Sir Randall Collis for The Magical Moombah! Fun! Contests! Lots of songs! And don't miss the special Magical Moombah Music Box at 11:15 am, free with your ticket!
SPECIAL FRIDAY SCHOOL PROGRAM. On the Friday before each Saturday Moombah, at 10:15 am, The Shedd presents a special performance of the show designed especially for area school and home school groups. The fee for each school is $3/student ($2/Title 1 student). Contact the Registrar (541-434-7015 or to register).
March, 2018
Fr 09 10:15 aThing-A-Ma-Bob!: Eugene
Sa 10 10:00 aThing-A-Ma-Bob!: Eugene
Sa 10 1:00 pThing-A-Ma-Bob!: Eugene
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Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
Dentistry For Children
Moombah Title Sponsor
The Eye Center
Shedd Presenting Sponsor