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Over the years, Frank Loesser (1910-69) has become a favorite at The Shedd. The prolific, masterful composer/lyricist, of course, wrote the scores for some of the greatest stage and film musicals of the songbook era including Guys And Dolls, How To Succeed In Business…, Where's Charley, and Hans Christian Anderson, as well as a solid corpus of timeless songs like "Heart And Soul", "I Don’t Want To Walk Without You", and "Baby, It's Cold Outside".
The Heart & Soul of Frank Loesser
is one of 4 OFAM 2018 concerts presented twice:
    Matinee: Thu, Aug 2 - 1:30 pm
    Evening: Sat, Aug 11 - 8;00 pm
We've produced several of the musicals, drawn on the songs for many concert projects, and have dedicated entire shows to the man for over 20 years. But we keep feeling we've just scratched the surface, and Vicki Brabham keeps finding lesser-known Loesser songs (try saying THAT 10 times fast!) that are absolutely wonderful. So she proposes to share a new batch of them at OFAM 2018 with this special tribute, The Heart And Soul of Frank Loesser — a choice selection of famous and lesser-so, all great, all classic Loesser.
Event Personnel
Vicki Brabham, director
Vicki Brabham, piano, vocals
Jesse Cloninger, reeds
Jessika Smith, reeds
Jonathan Corona, reeds
Dave Bender, trumpet
Alexis Garnica, trumpet
Glenn Griffith, trombone
Nathan Waddell, bass
Kyle Smith, drums
 If I Were A Bell
(1950) Guys And Dolls Frank Loesser (w/m)
 On A Slow Boat To China
(1948) Frank Loesser (w/m)
 I've Never Been In Love Before
(1950) Guys And Dolls Frank Loesser (w/m)
 Let's Get Lost
(1943) Happy Go Lucky Frank Loesser (w) Jimmy McHugh (m)
 What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
(1947) Frank Loesser (w/m)
 I Wish I Didn't Love You So
(1947) The Perils of Pauline Frank Loesser (w/m)
 Once In Love With Amy
(1948) Where's Charley? Frank Loesser (w/m)
 Two Sleepy People
(1938) Thanks For The Memory Frank Loesser (w) Hoagy Carmichael (m)
 Warm All Over
(1956) The Most Happy Fella Frank Latimore (w/m)
 The Inch Worm
(1951) Hans Christian Andersen Frank Loesser (w/m)
 They're Either Too Young Or Too Old
(1943) Thank Your Lucky Stars Frank Loesser (w) Arthur Schwartz (m)
 Never Will I Marry
(1959) Greenwillow Frank Loesser (w/m)
 Joey, Joey, Joey
(1956) The Most Happy Fella Frank Latimore (w/m)
 Can't Get Out Of This Mood
(1942) Seven Day's Leave Frank Loesser (w) Jimmy McHugh (m)
 Jingle Jangle Jingle
(1942) The Forest Rangers Frank Loesser (w) Joseph J. Lilley (m)
 I Believe In You
(1961) How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying Frank Loesser (w/m)
 I Don't Want To Walk Without You
(1941) Sweater Girl Frank Loesser (w) Jule Styne (m)
 Heart And Soul
 Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
(1943) Christmas Holiday Frank Loesser (w/m)
 Somebody Somewhere
(1956) The Most Happy Fella Frank Loesser (w/m)
 Baby, It's Cold Outside
(1948) interpolated into Neptune's Daughter Frank Loesser (w/m)

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