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Siri Vik: The Songs I Want To Sing
Fri, Nov 6, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
Some of you know I, and an ensemble of seven were going to perform a 20-song revue last May, we coined Save For Later. We settled on that title back in 2019, as the theme was simply, songs I had not yet had the chance to perform in cabaret at The Shedd. The set list was a wishlist of mine - a big, fanciful romp of guilty pleasures and audacious covers. Needless to say, Save for Later carries more literal significance today. We shall, indeed!
This November show is simpler in approach, more intimate in feel. Pianist Nathalie Fortin and I return to our roots in recital, voice and piano. I’m very much looking forward to performing again in duet with Nathalie--a joy of mine, since we began performing together 12 years ago. I’m also delighted that some of our friends due to play in last Spring’s ensemble will join us as featured guests.
So what do I want to sing? Well, anything. We will introduce several numbers slated for Save for Later: Kurt Weill’s “Pirate Jenny”, a new Jacques Brel song, a Jobim Brazilian ballad, and one or two arias, theater pieces, and contemporary pop songs. We will also perform a handful of our favorite pieces from our older, beloved Shedd programs -- La Vie en rose among them -- for which we are not just a little nostalgic.
In truth, the songs I want to sing, express the grief, anger, humor, joy and hope I feel amid these strange times. I realize that the songs I want to sing express to you all, gratitude -- gratitude that I can sing at all, and that I get to share music with you, because you come. Thank you.
Event Personnel
Siri Vik, artistic director, vocals
Nathalie Fortin, piano
Jesse Cloninger, reeds
Della Davies, violin
David Straka, cello
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