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Begin The Beguine 1 Artie Shaw
Begin The Beguine
Artie Shaw in the 1930s
Tue, Aug 2
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
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“An artist should write for himself & not for an audience. If the audience likes it, great. If not, they can keep away.” — Artie Shaw
Never happy with the business of music or, for that matter, with bandleading and always forming and unforming bands in restless succession, clarinetist Artie Shaw was nonetheless one of the giants of the Big Band era, with a series of popular hits from 1938's "Begin The Beguine" to 1940's "Frenesi" and a lasting reputation for pursuing art over entertainment. Pete and Will Anderson look at Shaw and his work during the early, turbulent years of his career from 1936 to '41.
Event Personnel
Will Anderson, director
Peter Anderson, director
Shirley Andress, vocals
Siri Vik, vocals
 Traffic Jam
(1939) interpolated into Dancing Co-Ed Artie Shaw, Teddy McRae (m)
(1939) Alberto Domínguez (sp), Ray Charles (en), S. K. Russell (en) (w) Alberto Domínguez (m)
 Moonray Siri
(1939) Artie Shaw (m)
 Interlude In B flat
(1936) Artie Shaw (m)
(1934) Eddie DeLange (w) Irving Mills, Will Hudson (m)
 Any Old Time Shirley
(1938) Artie Shaw (w/m)
 Comes Love Shirley
(1939) Yokel Boy Charles Tobias, Lew Brown (w) Sam Stept (m)
(1933) Flying Down to Rio Gus Kahn, Edward Eliscu (w) Vincent Youmans (m)
 Deep In A Dream Siri
 Day In - Day Out Siri
(1939) Johnny Mercer (w) Rube Bloom (m)
 Concerto for Clarinet
(1939) Artie Shaw (m)
 Dancing In The Dark
(1931) The Band Wagon Howard Dietz (w) Arthur Schwartz (m)
 Begin The Beguine Shirley
(1935) Jubilee Cole Porter (w/m)
(1938) Artie Shaw (m)
 Summit Ridge Drive
(1940) Artie Shaw (m)
 Star Dust Shirley
 What Is This Thing Called Love?
(1929) Wake Up And Dream! Cole Porter (w/m)
 Oh, Lady, Be Good! Siri
(1924) Lady, Be Good Ira Gershwin (w) George Gershwin (m)

August, 2022
Tu 02 7:30 pBegin The Beguine: Eugene
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No ticketing information available.
Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
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