Summer Term 2018
Alex Abrams
Background, professional training and performance history
Alex started his life in music 16 years ago in his elementary school orchestra program. Thanks to a coin toss between starting on the viola or cello, he now holds a B.A. in music from Whitman College and a Master’s degree in cello performance from Central Washington University. He has always made a point of volunteering his time to local public school string programs whenever he can in order to encourage and inspire young string players. Alex has always challenged himself academically and has a keen interest in music history and how it is shaped by the culture that surrounds it.
Alex has played in several orchestras around the Northwest including the Walla Walla Symphony, Mid-Columbia Symphony and the Whatcom Symphony. While his true love lies with the classical repertoire, specifically in chamber music, Alex has expanded his horizons by working in the Blaine Jazz Festival’s Fusion program whose faculty includes world renowned jazz musicians from across the country. He is constantly finding new ways to utilize his instrument and hopes to pass this kind of ingenuity to his students. He has been teaching private lessons for 6 years
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
“I firmly believe that anyone can play an instrument regardless of past musical experience or age. The joy that comes from playing the cello is accessible to anyone who has a genuine interest in learning. In order to fully tap into the power of this instrument, a certain level of technical proficiency is required. Learning and implementing the technical fundamentals allows you to play in tune and with a beautiful sound. I make a promise to myself and to my students never to lower my expectations and standards when it comes to learning how to play the cello. Allowing certain technical skills to just wash by can lead to complications down the road. Though it can take a while for some techniques to set in, it doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Technique can be learned through the music that you love to play. I am committed to enabling my students to reach their goals and encouraging them to continue reaching for more."
Instruments & classes taught
Alex teaches cello.
Alex Abrams teaches these Summer Term 2018 courses:
Music School Registrar
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Summer Term 2018
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Summer Term 2018
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