Oregon Festival of American Music 2018
The Heart and Soul of Frank Loesser
Dave Bender
DAVE BENDER, musician, composer, and studio teacher, began his trumpet studies in 1962 in Mason City, Iowa. He has been performing on the West coast since 1984 in a variety of musical ensembles ranging from The Fighting Instruments of Karma to The Eugene Symphony Orchestra. He has performed and is a member many jazz, classical, and pop groups including the classical-jazz-rock-Latin-tango sextet Unstuck In Time. Dave has been the principal trumpet and an arranger for the Jazz Kings for 18 years and is a regular in the pit of Shedd Theatricals.
Oct 16-25Jazz Kings 2003-04It's The Girls!
Feb 6-15Jazz Kings 2003-04Sentimental Journey
May 7-16Jazz Kings 2003-04Hooray for Hollywood!
Aug 12OFAM 2006Say It With MusicSilva
Apr 30-May 9Jazz Kings 2009-10'S Wonderful
Feb 4-13Jazz Kings 2010-11Night And Day
May 6-15Jazz Kings 2010-11Coast To Coast
Oct 13-21Jazz Kings 2011-12Jukebox Saturday Night
Feb 2-10Jazz Kings 2011-12Pick Yourself Up
Oct 11-19Jazz Kings 2012-13The Very Thought Of You
Dec 6-13Jazz Kings 2012-13Let it Snow
Feb 7-15Jazz Kings 2012-13Flying Home
May 9-17Jazz Kings 2012-13You Made Me Love You
Aug 6OFAM 2013Boogie Woogie Bugle BoyJaqua
Oct 10-19Jazz Kings 2013-14At The Jazz Band Ball
Feb 13-22Jazz Kings 2013-14Give Me A Song
May 2-11Jazz Kings 2013-14Bésame Mucho
Aug 7OFAM 2014Over The RainbowJaqua
Oct 9-12Jazz Kings 2014-15Come Fly With Me
Feb 6-15Jazz Kings 2014-15Avalon
Mar 13SP 2014-15Art Pepper ElevenJaqua
May 7-10Jazz Kings 2014-15Why Don't You Do Right?
Oct 22-25Jazz Kings 2015-16Goody Goody
Dec 10-17Jazz Kings 2015-16Swinging On A Star
Aug 12OFAM 2016Keep The Home Fires BurningJaqua
Aug 4OFAM 2017They All LaughedJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2017They All LaughedJaqua
Dec 6-13Jazz Kings 2017-18An Old-Fashioned Christmas
Aug 2OFAM 2018The Heart and Soul of Frank LoesserJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2018The Heart and Soul of Frank LoesserJaqua
Oct 11-14Jazz Kings 2018-19In The Mood
Nov 30-Dec 16Shedd Theatricals 2018White ChristmasJaqua
Dec 6-12Jazz Kings 2018-19Ring Those Bells
Feb 7-10Jazz Kings 2018-19Tonight You Belong To Me
May 2-5Jazz Kings 2018-19Cheerful Little Earful
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