On August 21, 1935 at Los Angeles' Palomar Ballroom, at the end of a less-than-successful tour, the Benny Goodman Orchestra decided to go for broke and wrapped up this final performance of the tour with an evening of their hottest "late night" tunes to a room full of West Coast youngsters, and they went wild. Swing had been developing for years and Goodman and company had been playing it themselves regularly, if late at night, on the East Coast radio show Let's Dance, as were other early-'30s bands. But on that legendary night, which was broadcast live across the nation at a much earlier time than the band's Let's Dance segments had been airing out of New York, the "new" sound and beat captured the American mainstream...and held on tight for a solid decade after.
Coined “Swing”, the new sounds coming from bands of the era electrified audiences and began a resurgence of widespread popularity for larger and smaller jazz ensembles alike. This was the big band era, the era of demanding bandleaders, flashy soloists, swinging riffs, handsome crooners, and heartbreaking lady vocalists. The Swing Era produced such an iconic and massive volume of hits that it has remained one of the most loved and widely celebrated genres of jazz music today.
Jazz rhythm maestro and longtime Shedd and Eugene favorite Chuck Redd takes the reins of the 2019 Oregon Festival of American Music and welcomes a fine host of colleagues for a 10-day exploration and celebration of that extraorinary era, from its inception in the late 1920s and early '30s, throughthe golden age of Swing and into the years immediately after. It should be quite a journey!

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OFAM 2019 Might As Well Be Swing Musical
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