Upcoming Events
June, 2023
Moombah! 2022-23
Wish Upon A Star!
Fri Jun 2-Sat Jun 3
Shedd Welcomes 2022-23
Shedd Classical 2022-23
Brahms & Schönberg
Sun Jun 11-Mon Jun 12
Shedd Welcomes 2022-23
The Vaudeville Hour
Sun Jun 18, 5:30 p
Shedd Welcomes 2022-23
Shedd Presents 22-23
Blowin' In The Wind
Sat Jun 24-Sun Jun 25
Shedd Welcomes 2022-23
Greg Boyle, SJ
Mon Jun 26, 5:30 p
July, 2023
Shedd Theatricals 2023
The Music Man
Fri Jul 7-Sun Jul 23
Now Hear This 2022-23
Leo Kottke
Wed Jul 19, 7:30 p
Now Hear This 2022-23
Tue Jul 25, 7:30 p
August, 2023
Oregon Festival of American Music 2023
If Only In My Dreams
Wed Aug 2-Thu Aug 10
If Only In My Dreams
In The Mood
Wed Aug 2-Sat Aug 12
If Only In My Dreams
We'll Meet Again
Thu Aug 3-Fri Aug 11
If Only In My Dreams
A Long, Long Time
Thu Aug 3-Sat Aug 12
If Only In My Dreams
Fri Aug 4-Thu Aug 10
If Only In My Dreams
You'll Never Know
Fri Aug 4-Thu Aug 10
If Only In My Dreams
Your Date With The Duke
Sat Aug 5-Wed Aug 9
If Only In My Dreams
Dick Tracy In B flat
Sat Aug 5-Fri Aug 11
If Only In My Dreams
52nd Street
Sun Aug 6, 4:00 p
If Only In My Dreams
I'll Never Smile Again
Tue Aug 8, 7:30 p
September, 2023
Shedd Theatricals 2023
Sweet Charity
Fri Sep 15-Sun Sep 24
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Coming up next at The Shedd...
Wish Upon A Star!
The Magical Moombah!
Sat, Jun 2 10am/1pm
Fri, Jun 3 10:15am
Wish Upon A Star!
Hee-hee-hee! The Moombah crew and the audience, too, venture into space and off to the Moon, with imagination as wide as the sky. They go to the moon, meet weird creatures, have parties under the stars, and find new friends! Fun! Contests! Jokes! Lots of songs! Dancing around! And don't miss the special Magical Moombah Music Box at 11:15 am, free with your ticket! [Details] [Fri 10:15am] [Sat 10am] [Sat 1pm]
Divisi 2023
The Shedd Welcomes Sat, Jun 3
Divisi: An Anniversary Concert
On a rainy day in 2001, Eight Ladies & a Beau Tie performed for the first time at the University of Oregon's Erb Memorial Union....3 months later they changed their name to Divisi, and the rest is history! Come celebrate over 20 years of Divisi with performances from the current group, as well as different generations! [Details] [Tickets]
microphilharmonic Brahms & Schönberg
Shedd Classical: Sun & Mon, Jun 11 & 12
Brahms & Schönberg
Michael Anderson and the microphilharmonic offer an extraordinary program featuring two major works for clarinet: Brahm's 1891 Clarinet Trio, Op. 114 (for clarinet, cello & piano) and Anton Webern's 1921 arrangement for "Pierrot Ensemble" (flute, clarinet, violin cello & piano) of Arnold Schönberg's 1907 Chamber Symphony No. 1, Op. 9…the instrumentation inspired by Schönberg's seminal 1912 melodrama Pierrot Lunaire/Moondrunk Pierrot). [Details] - June 11 (Sun mat) [Tickets] [Dinner at Sixish - June 12 (Mon eve) [Tickets] [Dinner at Six]
The Vaudeville Hour
Shedd Welcomes:
Sun Jun 18 - 5:30 pm
Harburg Academy Spring 2023
The Vaudeville Hour
The E. Y. Harburg Academy for Musical Theatre presents the 7th semi-annual Vaudeville Hour! Academy students will be paying homage to the art of Vaudeville with musical numbers, comedy sketches, and more! [Details]
Music Box violin
Spring Term begins April 10th
The Shedd Institute's Music School offers classes and private and semi-private lessons for all ages in a wide range of musical instruments and styles. Begin private lessons any time! Contact the School Registrar (email or 541.434.7000) today! More info....
The Shedd Welcomes & Community
Sound Advice
Loop Lane County
2nd Saturdays, 10-11 am
Sound Advice!
Come learn how to use a hearing loop and to make your hearing aids or cochlear implant work better for you to access live music and speech. [Details]
Just announced...
OFAM 2023
OFAM 2023 Summer - August 2-12, 2023
If Only In My Dreams
America at War, 1941-45
Within days of Japan’s December 7, 1941 attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, a diverse, often contentious, and isolationist-leaning nation still in the depths of the Great Depression came together in united purpose and finally entered the global war. The singularity, universality and effectiveness of that resolve — a national spirit in the face of adversity that was unusual, before or since, in its blend of quiet determination, good will, and hope — is legendary. This August, Festival music director Chuck Redd and company celebrates the role that popular entertainment played during World War II in capturing and nurturing this spirit. Join us! OFAM 2023 Summer [details].
Shedd Theatricals 2023
Shedd Theatrical 2023
The Shedd Theatricals 2019 season offers 3 classic musicals: 1957's The Music Man (1957), 1966's Sweet Charity (1966), Fidder On The Roof (1964). [Details]
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