Bill Green
Fall Term 2022
Private Lessons
Bill Green
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Background, professional training and performance history
Bill has been playing the piano for many years. Prior to entering and graduating from the University of Oregon Music School, Bill studied with a former concert pianist in Germany, a piano professor at the University of Nevada-Reno, and with the former president of the California Music Teachers Association. A poet and author of several books, including A Trouble Shooter’s Guide to Better Playing, Bill has performed in OFAM’s 2009 production of Over There. He has taught for 20 years, including three years at The Shedd.
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
"My teaching style is user-friendly and does not employ a hierarchy. In the first lesson, I like to say “I am not the teacher and you are not the student.” I explain that our relationship is one like architect and builder—neither can finish the building without the other. I believe that people have more capabilities than they think, and that playing an instrument has a lot to do with self-perception. I try to help students raise their skill levels along with their level of awareness about music in general. Sometimes I tell them things that they may not understand immediately, but over time, they eventually will. I do not do student recitals, and welcome all ages and abilities."
Instruments & classes taught
Bill teaches classical piano and jazz theory.
Bill Green teaches these Fall Term 2022 courses:
9:00 amPrivate Lesson
The Eye Center
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