28 “new” music school classrooms to explore!!
by Ginevra Ralph, Director of Cultural & Community Services
We were very busy over the past 2 years, believe it or not! We were able to fast track the top-to-bottom renovations on all 4 floors of the 1962-era, newly dedicated, Laraway Wing of our Music School, and they just sparkle!
We literally gutted all of the old spaces in order to maximize the efficiency of our square footage and to make each area welcoming, accessible, sound insulated, with individual room climate, lighting and security controls.
Now, flute lessons can co-exist right next door to, or on the floor above, a trumpet or bagpipe lesson. We will still use our state of the art electronic drum kits, because they are great equipment, but acoustic drum lessons no longer make other lessons impossible!
There are now 28 small studios, middle-sized and large classrooms in the Wing. The middle and larger rooms have hearing loops installed so that large classes, seminars, and board meetings are auditorally accessible. The bottom floor now actually has restrooms! And the wheelchair ramps on the upper floors were re-engineered for a more reasonable incline.
We encourage you to request a tour. We are excited to show off all the great work and what a remarkable resource we now have for the future, thanks to transformative gifts from community members like Jacqueline Laraway Giustina. Music-making has been an important part of her 100 years in Eugene, and this is her gift to you and your family to make it part of yours!
Term Announcements
- Fall classes begin Monday, September 12.
Begin private lessons anytime!
    Thu, Nov 24 (Thanksgiving)
- Lessons must be specifically scheduled: Nov 25, Dec 19-31
Focus on the Classes...
Shedd Choral Society
Shedd Singing groups for adults
Do you like to sing but don't know where to start or need to find a group of friendly folks to sing with? The Shedd offers several classes designed and led by Amy Adams for adults who are interested in recreational group singing:
kids playing violin
The Music Box
Music Box provides a beginning foundation in music education with hands-on explorations of different instruments, songs and musical styles to help students discover the right “fit” for their musical interests and pick a favorite instrument for further study. Each session introduces a new song from our Music Box CD (from spirituals, folk, bluegrass and more) followed by a hands-on introduction to a new instrument led by a Shedd Faculty member!
This year there are two 1 1/2 hour sections of Music Box, all limited to 15 students, and full-term enrollment, each meeting 2x per week ((Mon/Wed, 4:30-5:25 pm) and ((Tue/Thu, 4:30-5:25 pm).
Mariachi del Shedd
Join Fernell López and participate Eugene’s Mariachi del Shedd. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned musician, we have a Mariachi session for you! Our introductory section of Mariachi del Shedd (Tue 4:30-6pm) is designed especially for new members, while our longstanding advanced Mariachi del Shedd (Fri 4:30-6pm) is geared towards teens and adults with more experience in the genre.
The Eye Center
Shedd Presenting Sponsor