Riley Given
Winter Term 2023
Private Lessons
Riley Given
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RILEY GIVEN (ensemble) is a senior at Churchill High School. He's been pursuing musical theater since he was 7 years old and has been in more than 30 productions with local theater groups. He has also been involved with several local dance companies. This is his fourth show at the Shedd and first time as part of the male ensemble. He would like to thank Richard Jessup for putting his trust in him, and his friends and family for all of their love and support
Background, professional training and performance history
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
Instruments & classes taught
Riley teaches dance and serves as choreographer for The Shedd's Y. A. Harburg Academy's semi-annual Revue and semi-annual Vaudeville hour.
Riley Given teaches these Winter Term 2023 courses:
9:00 amPrivate Lesson
9:30 amHarburg Revue Winter 2023
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