Notes from the director... - January 2021
by Ginevra Ralph, Director of Education
It’s TIME: One thing most of us have these days is an unexpected amount of time on our hands!! Usually “time” is the biggest obstacle that people give as the reason they aren’t learning and playing music.
So, there is no time like the present to fill all these hours with something both productive and rewarding, and which will last long after this crazy episode in our history is over!
Now’s the time to try out that instrument you have always been curious about – what does it feel like to play a banjo? Or “Amazing Grace” on bagpipes? What can someone wearing braces on their teeth play? What do electronic drums sound like through the headphones? Can they truly replicate the feel of real drums and cymbals?? Time to find out!!
What time? You can schedule in-person or on-line lessons Monday through Friday, 9:30 to 5:30. Lessons can be weekly or on a schedule that best fits your personal calendar. Come join us for some great fun….It’s about time!!
Term Announcements
- Winter classes begin Monday, January 4.
   Begin private lessons anytime!
- Special Days: Mon Jan 18, MLK Jr. Day (classes scheduled as usual; lessons must be specifically scheduled) , Mon, Feb 15 (classes scheduled as usual; lessons must be specifically scheduled)
Focus on the Classes...
Join Fernell López and participate Eugene’s Mariachi del Shedd. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned musician, we have a Mariachi session for you! Our introductory section of Mariachi del Shedd (Tue 4:30-6pm) is designed especially for new members, while our longstanding advanced Mariachi del Shedd (Thu 4:30-6pm) is geared towards teens and adults with more experience in the genre. On Fridays, López will lead sectionals for both Mariachi sections to help with specific skills on each instrument.
kids playing violin
The Music Box
Is your child interested in music, but isn’t sure what instrument they want to play? Not sure where to start with their music education? Come to The Music Box! Students get hands-on experience in a variety of instruments, movement styles, songs, and music crafts!
The Shedd’s Music Box program provides a beginning foundation in music education to help students discover the right “fit” for their musical interests and pick a favorite instrument for further study. Each session introduces a new song from our Music Box CD (from spirituals, folk, bluegrass and more) followed by a hands-on introduction to a new instrument, movement, or craft, led by a Shedd Faculty member!
The Shedd offers 3 sections of Music Box, all limited to 10 students, and full-term enrollment: two 1 hour sections which meet 2x per week (Mon/Wed, 11am-noon) and (Tue/Thu, 4-5pm), and one 2-hour section called Music Box PLUS which meets 3x per week that we've designed especially for families looking for an afterschool program (Mon/Wed/Fri, 3-5pm).
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