Term Announcements
- Summer Term begin Monday, June 19th.
   Begin private lessons anytime!
- Special Days: Tuesday July 4, Independence Day (The Shedd is closed: no classes or lessons)
Focus on the Classes...
kids Music Box
Summer Music Box
Is your child interested in music, but isn’t sure what instrument they want to play? Not sure where to start with their music education? Come to The Music Box! Students get hands-on experience in a variety of instruments, movement styles, songs, and music crafts! This summer we offer 2 sections of Music Box, each of which meets 2x each week: Summer Music Box 1 (Mon/Wed, 4:00-5:20pm) and Summer Music Box 2 (Tue/Thu, 4:00-5:20pm).
Focus on the Camps...
The Harburg Academy Revue
The Shedd Institute’s E. Y. Harburg Academy REVUE program was established to provide a regional training opportunity for young performers, grades 9-12, to further develop and hone existing skills in the core musical theatre disciplines of acting, voice, and dance. The MTTA Winter Revue 2023 celebrates the music of legendary lyricist Johnny Mercer. The Ragozzino Scholarship If you are thinking of attending the Harburg Academy, we encourage you to apply for an Ed Ragozzino Merit Scholarship. Read more...
Mariachi Camp 2023
Calling all mariachis! Fernell López will lead a 2-week mariachi camp at The Shedd. If you are a middle or high school trumpet, guitar, harp or violin player (and/or want to sing in Spanish), join us for one of the most exciting music camp in town! Read more...
Summer SongFest 2023
Every year, elementary school children enjoy The Shedd Institute’s Summer SongFest, one-week music enrichment camps with kid-friendly themes. This summer we offer 7 different SongFest sessions! Read more...
kid playing guitar
Notes... - June 2023
"Playing" Your Instrument
by Heidi Turnquist, Director of Education
“Summertime” evokes playing and having fun. "Playing" a musical instrument should too – after all, that is the word we use to describe what you are doing!
At The Shedd we expect students to leave their lesson wanting to play their instrument at home. Too often going home and being required to practice implies sheer drudgery. (Our professionals are the ones who need to practice—we’ll be paying to hear their proficiency!) A student isn’t typically gearing up for a big performance, and, if they aren’t thoroughly enjoying making music, something is wrong. It’s a critical moment for an adult student or a parent of a younger one to examine why not. There are many changes that can be made to maintain that enthusiasm that was the reason they wanted to learn in the first place.
Granted, for a mature student, there indeed can be intellectual and emotional satisfaction from deliberate practicing – the reward of accomplishing something that was difficult, or even, as author Stephanie Judy noted simply observing “ourselves in the act of learning.” But these are more self-reflective and sophisticated enjoyable moments than the broader reasons that most people say they like making music.
As a Shedd music student, you will change over time – and as you do we want you to keep the playfulness and joy of making your own music first and foremost in your experience.
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