Fools Rush In
(Where Angels Fear To Tread)
Johnny Mercer (w), Rube Bloom (m)
Fools Rush In
Johnny Mercer (w)
Rube Bloom (m)
"Romance is a game for fools,"
I used to say,
A game I thought I'd never play.
"Romace is a game for fools,"
I said and grinned;
Then you passed by,
And here am I
Throwing caution to the wind.
Fools rush in
Where angels fear to tread,
And so I come to you, my love,
My heart above my head.
Though I see
The danger there,
If there's a change for me
Then I don't care.
Fools rush in
Where wise men never go,
But wise men never fall in love,
So how are they to know?
When we met,
I felt my life begin;
So open up your heart
And let this fool rush in.
Aug 13OFAM 2016SkylarkJaqua
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