Alexander's Ragtime Band
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Irving Berlin
Irving Berlin
May 4-13JK 2000-01Puttin' on the Ritz
Oct 16-25JK 2003-04It's The Girls!
Aug 3OFAM 2006Cheek To CheekSilva
Aug 9OFAM 2006Come On And Hear!Jaqua
Aug 10OFAM 2006Face The MusicJaqua
Aug 12OFAM 2006Say It With MusicSilva
Jul 29OFAM 2009Rhapsody In BlueSilva
Feb 6-15JK 2014-15Avalon
Oct 22-25JK 2015-16Goody Goody
Mar 19SW 2016-17PUTTIN' ON THE RITZJaqua
Aug 8OFAM 2017Heat WaveJaqua
Aug 10OFAM 2017OFAM Sing-Along 2Recital
May 4-13JK 2017-18You Asked For It!
Jul 24OFAM 20192019 Community Sing-Along 1Recital
Jul 30OFAM 2019Satchmo SwingsJaqua
Nellie Lutcher And Her RhythmCapitol151803037
Johnny Mercer And The Pied PipersCapitol10064
Al Goodman & His OrchestraColumbia36449CO31034
Prince's BandColumbiaA112619716
Hoosier HotshotsColumbia20292C1520
Johnnie Ray W Percy FaithColumbia40391CO52550
Russ Morgan & His OrchestraDecca28249L6730
Casa Loma OrchestraOkeh41476404568
Miff Mole''s MolersParlophoneR 3320
Jimmy LytellPathé Actuelle36607107420
Jimmy LytellPerfect14788107420
Wayne King & His OrchestraRCA Victor20-1899
Shep Fields & His OrchestraRCA Victor20-2450
Sammy Kaye & His OrchestraRCA Victor20-3647
Frankie CarleRCA Victor20-4980
Hoosier HotshotsVocalion3741C1520
05/23/1911Arthur Collins-Byron HarlanVictor1690810374
06/07/1911A.Collins & B.HarlanColumbiaA103219398
10/17/1911Victor Military BandVictor17006-A11108
02/07/1912Melville EllisColumbiaA116019752
09/11/1924Ernest ThompsonColumbia15000-D140033
01/26/1927Miff Mole's Little MolersColumbia36280W80338
01/26/1927Miff Mole's Little MolersOkeh40758W80338
03/02/1927Bessie SmithColumbia3173-DW143568
03/02/1927Bessie SmithColumbia14219-DW143568
06/02/1927Ted Lewis & His BandColumbia1084-DW144247
05/11/1928Vincent Lopez & His OrchestraBrunswick20066E27536
05/22/1930The Boswell SistersParlophoneR 256215254-A
12/06/1930Casa Loma OrchestraParlophone34162404568
03/23/1931Casa Loma OrchestraConqueror9539E36498A
07/23/1931Casa Loma OrchestraBrunswick6100E36498
07/23/1931Casa Loma OrchestraVocalion4258E36498
01/25/1932Green's Blue Boys (Kardos)BluebirdB551971274
01/25/1932Gene Kardos & His OrchestraVictor2292071274
05/23/1934The Boswell SistersBrunswick741215254
05/23/1934The Boswell SistersVocalion423915254
08/17/1934Georgia Washboard StompersDecca700638347
03/24/1936Henry Busse & His OrchestraDecca1015-AC90648
10/05/1936Hoosier Hot ShotsColumbia37715C1520
10/05/1936Hoosier Hot ShotsConqueror8792C1520
10/05/1936Hoosier HotshotsMelotone7-03-63C1520
10/07/1936Benny Goodman & His OrchestraVictor25445-A02104
10/21/1936Joe Daniels & His Hot ShotsDecca1594CE7899
07/07/1937Louis Armstrong & His OrchestraDecca140862336
09/15/1937Shep Fields Rippling RhythmBluebirdB7345013812
01/26/1938Bing Crosby & Connee BoswellDecca1887-ADLA1152
01/26/1938Bing Crosby & Connee BoswellDecca25495DLA1152
03/20/1938Ray Noble & His OrchestraBrunswick8180LA1601
03/31/1938Bert Block & His Bell MusicConqueror904422655
03/31/1938Bert Block & His Bell MusicVocalion416622655
05/16/1938Bob Wills & His Texas PlayboysConqueror9156DAL565
05/16/1938Bob Wills & His Texas PlayboysVocalion4275DAL565
08/03/1938Clayton Mcmichen's WildcatsDecca557764391
12/07/1938Radio Rhythm Club SextetParlophoneR 2867CE11036
05/15/1939Paul Whiteman & His OrchestraDecca2695-A65574
07/14/1941Joe Colling & King's MenDecca4119-BDLA2537
11/21/1945Bunk Johnson & His BandDecca2513273150
03/25/1947Bing Crosby & Al Jolson (Morris Stoloff Orch)Decca40038-AL4386
12/27/1947Andrews SistersDecca24424L4748
06/18/1954Grady Martin & His Sluefoot 5Decca2921386449
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