Slipped Disc
Small Group Swing
Sat, Jul 27, 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
Chuck Redd and his Festival small group will highlight the many interesting and historically significant small ensembles that featured stars of the Swing Era. They will perform compositions that are both fiery and intimate, showcasing instrumental soloists and vocalists.
Slipped Disc is one of 6 OFAM 2019 concerts presented twice:
    Matinee: Sat, July 27 - 1:00 pm
    Evening: Wed, July 31 -8:00 pm
These small band settings are cohesive musical offerings that allow for the soloists and singers to shine with a bit more freedom than in big band settings. We will feature selections by Benny Goodman, John Kirby, Red Norvo, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Django Reinhardt, Nat Cole and more.
Event Personnel
Chuck Redd, director, drums, vibes
Siri Vik, vocals
Michael Stone, vocals
 A Smo-o-o-oth One
Music by Benny Goodman, Charlie Christian
 Stompin' At The Savoy
Words by Andy Razaf - Music by Benny Goodman, Edgar Sampson, Chick Webb
 More Than You Know
(1929) Great Day
Words by Billy Rose, Edward Eliscu - Music by Vincent Youmans
 Slipped Disc
Music by Benny Goodman
 Sweet Lorraine
Words by Mitchell Parish - Music by Cliff Burwell
 It's Only A Paper Moon
(1933) Take A Chance
Words by Yip Harburg, Billy Rose - Music by Harold Arlen
 Nature Boy
Words & music by eden ahbez
Music by Rex Stewart
 I Know That You Know
(1926) Oh, Please!
Words by Anne Caldwell - Music by Vincent Youmans
Music by Billy Taylor
 I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
Words by Paul Francis Webster - Music by Duke Ellington
 Air Mail Special
Music by Benny Goodman, Charlie Christian, James Mundy
Words by Jack Lawrence - Music by Walter Gross
 The Grabtown Grapple
Music by Artie Shaw, Buster Harding
 Memories Of You
(1930) Lew Leslie's Blackbirds of 1930
Words by Andy Razaf - Music by Eubie Blake
 Lush Life
Music by Billy Strayhorn
 Loch Lomond
Words & music by traditional Scottish
Words by Sid Robin - Music by Charlie Shavers
 Dawn On The Desert
Music by Charles Shavers
 Sweet Georgia Brown
Words by Kenneth Casey - Music by Ben Bernie, Maceo Pinkard
 I'll Get By
Words by Roy Turk - Music by Fred E. Ahlert
 Jeep's Blues
Music by Duke Ellington, Johnny Hodges
 Rhythm Saved The World
Words by Sammy Cahn - Music by Saul Chaplin
 Oh, Lady, Be Good!
(1924) Lady, Be Good
Words by Ira Gershwin - Music by George Gershwin
Words by Mitchell Parish - Music by Harry White
(1920) interpolated into Sinbad
Words & music by B. G. DeSylva, Al Jolson, Vincent Rose
Featured composers, lyricists, creators
traditional Scottish, -
eden ahbez, 1908-1995
Fred E. Ahlert, 1892-1953
Harold Arlen, 1905-1986
Ben Bernie, 1891-1943
Eubie Blake, 1883-1983
Cliff Burwell, -
Sammy Cahn, 1913-1993
Anne Caldwell, 1867-1936
Kenneth Casey, 1899-1965
Saul Chaplin, 1912-1997
Charlie Christian, -
B. G. DeSylva, 1895-1950
Edward Eliscu, 1902-1998
Duke Ellington, 1899-1974
George Gershwin, 1898-1937
Ira Gershwin, 1896-1983
Benny Goodman, 1909-1986
Walter Gross, 1909-1967
Yip Harburg, 1896-1981
Buster Harding, -
Johnny Hodges, 1907-1970
Al Jolson, 1886-1950
Jack Lawrence, 1912-
James Mundy, -
Mitchell Parish, 1900-1993
Maceo Pinkard, 1897-1962
Andy Razaf, 1895-1973
Sid Robin, 1912-1985
Billy Rose, 1899-1966
Vincent Rose, 1880-1944
Edgar Sampson, 1907-1973
Charlie Shavers, 1920-1971
Charles Shavers, -
Artie Shaw, 1910-2004
Rex Stewart, -
Billy Strayhorn, 1915-1967
Billy Taylor, -
Roy Turk, 1892-1934
Chick Webb, 1905-1939
Paul Francis Webster, 1907-1984
Harry White, -
Vincent Youmans, 1898-1946
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C25.00  22.50  21.25  20.00  12.50 
Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon

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