You're The Cream In My Coffee
George White's Scandals 9th Edition, (1928)
Lew Brown/B. G. DeSylva (w), Ray Henderson (m)
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You're The Cream In My Coffee
Lew Brown
B. G. De Sylva
Ray Henderson
George White's Scandals 9th Edition
Aug 13OFAM 2015Careless LoveJaqua
Feb 9-12JK 2016-17Clarinet Marmalade
Jul 21-30ST 2017Good News!Jaqua
Oct 27-Nov 5JK 2017-18Keep Your Sunny Side Up
King Cole TrioCapitol1030
Victor SylvesterColumbia38439CA20714
David Le WinterColumbia39563ZSP8481
Al FosterPathé Actuelle32427108588
Al FosterPerfect12506108588
Majestic Dance OrchestraPerfect15077A108475
Mindy CarsonRCA Victor20-4041
10/19/1928Broadway NitelitesColumbia1604-DW147140
10/19/1928Ted Weems & His OrchestraVictor21767-A47851
10/23/1928Rex Gordon's AcesChampion15640X2118
10/23/1928Fenton's New YorkersGennett6643X2118
10/23/1928Supertone Do (Fenton Ny)Supertone9273AX2118
10/25/1928Lou Gold & His OrchestraHarmony770-H147160
10/25/1928Lou Gold & His OrchestraVelvet Tone1770-V147160
10/27/1928Colonial Club OrchestraBrunswick4118E28389
10/29/1928Lou Gold & His OrchestraConqueror72178274
10/29/1928Yankee Ten (Lou Gold)Oriole14028274
10/29/1928Lou Gold's Dance OrchestraRegal86688274
11/07/1928Sam Lanin's OrchestraCameo90033500
11/07/1928Sam Lanin & His TroubadorsRomeo8073500
11/08/1928Gay Ellis & Her Novelty OrchestraHarmony785-H147451
11/08/1928Gay Ellis & Her Novelty OrchestraVelvet Tone1785-V147451
11/26/1928Miff Mole's Little MolersOkeh41153401394
11/28/1928Harry RichmanBrunswick4173E29010
12/13/1928George Beaver (I.Kaufman)Banner62758454
01/11/1929Sid GarryCameo9049
01/11/1929Irving KaufmanRegal87138454
01/11/1929Sid GarryRomeo8538454?
01/13/1929Jesse Crawford (Organ)Victor2184448902
01/14/1929Ruth EttingColumbia1707-DW147779
01/17/1929Franklyn Baur & Gladys RiceVictor2185449657
01/19/1929Emmett Miller Georgia CrackersOkeh41182401548
10/12/1939Lawrence Welk Champagne MusicOkeh6000WC2790
04/21/1941Sonny Kendis & His OrchestraColumbia36398CO30297
04/27/1941Carmen CavallaroDecca3801-A69070
09/09/1941Carmen CavallaroDecca2379469716
12/18/1946King Cole TrioCapitol100861269
03/01/1952Jerry Wald & His OrchestraDecca2820382694
1928George White's Scandals 9th Editionstagestage annual editionintroduced
1930Hold Everything!filmfilm adaptationreused
1975Good Newsstagestage revivalinterpolated
1993Good News!stagestage revivalintroduced
You're The Cream In My Coffee
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