Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me
The Gold Diggers of Broadway, (1929)
Al Dubin (w), Joe Burke (m)
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Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me
Al Dubin (w)
Joe Burke (m)
The Gold Diggers Of Broadway, 1929
Shades of night are creeping,
Willow trees are weeping,
Old folks and babies are sleeping;
Silver stars are gleaming,
All alone I'm scheming,
Scheming to get you out here, my dear,
Come tip-toe to the window,
By the window,
That is where I'll be,
Come tip-toe thru the tulips with me;
Tip-toe from your pillow,
To the shadow of a willow tree,
And tip-toe thru the tulips with me;
Knee deep in flowers we'll stray
We'll keep the showers away;
And if I kiss you in the garden,
In the moonlight,
Will you pardon me,
Come tip-toe thru the tulips with me.
Come on out and pet me,
Come and "Juliet" me,
Tease me and slyly "coquette" me.
Let me Romeo you,
I just want to show you,
How much I'm willing to do for you,
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Roy Fox's Montmarte OrchestraBrunswick4419LAE515
Lew White (Organ)Brunswick4617E31325
Willard Young & His OrchestraCameo92614055
Nick LucasCapitol15242
Jimmy CarrollColumbia40028CO49355
Eddie Peabody (Banjo)Oriole17459074
Ben Franklin Hotel Dance OrchestraPathé Actuelle37015108889
Sid GarryPerfect12561108965
Ben Franklin Hotel Dance OrchestraPerfect15196A108889
Eddie PeabodyRegal88869074
Willard Young & His OrchestraRomeo10634055
Eddie PeabodyRomeo11489074
Eddie PeabodyRomeo15699082
Duke Parks & His BoysSupertone9614G16108
Van FlemingVocalion15826-BC3996
05/10/1929Nick LucasBrunswick4418LAE498
06/06/1929Golden Gate OrchestraHarmony947-H148664
06/06/1929Golden Gate OrchestraSupertone1047P148664
06/06/1929Golden Gate OrchestraSupertone1074P148664
06/06/1929Golden Gate OrchestraVelvet Tone1947-V148664
06/13/1929Ed Lloyd's Rhythm BoysConqueror73888811
06/13/1929Ted White's Collegians (Lloyd)Oriole1633-A8811
06/13/1929Ed Lloyd And His Rhythm BoysRegal8819-B8811
06/14/1929Jean Goldkette & His OrchestraVictor22027-B53565
07/02/1929Ed Lloyd & His Rhythm BoysBanner64518811
07/26/1929Fred Rich & His OrchestraColumbia1924-DW148856
07/29/1929Jack Davidson Orchestra (Golden)Champion15819X2282
07/29/1929Ernie Golden & His OrchestraGennett6937X2282
07/29/1929Ernie Golden & His OrchestraSupertone9465BX2282
09/05/1929Johnny MarvinVictor22113-A56119
09/10/1929Sid GarryCameo93014153
09/10/1929Sid GarryConqueror74189001
09/10/1929Sid GarryRegal88579001
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09/11/1929Smith Ballew & His OrchestraOkeh41299402945
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12/04/1929Jesse Crawford (Organ)Victor2224256806
01/20/1930South Sea SerenadersChampion15919G16108
01/20/1930South Sea SerenadersGennett7108G16108
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Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me
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