When I Grow Too Old To Dream
The Night Is Young, (1935)
Oscar Hammerstein II (w), Sigmund Romberg (m)
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Mar 13SW 2015-16HAMMERSTEIN!Jaqua
Smith Ballew & His OrchestraBanner3331816555
Jack FultonBanner3342117270
Prairie RamblersBanner3347417531
Riley PuckettBluebirdB848347535
Frank Devol And His OrchestraCapitol20113
Al Goodman & His OrchestraColumbia36556CO32176
Ken Wilson W Bill GreenColumbia38919CO43296
Fred LoweryColumbia39699HCO4429
Rinaldo's Accordion BandDecca1026-A
Gordon JenkinsDecca27886
Caesar Petrillo & His OrchestraMercury10431021
Dick Leibert (Organ)RCA Victor20-3784
Dennis DayRCA Victor20-4051
Smith Ballew & His OrchestraRomeo244916555
Jack FultonRomeo250817270
Ray Bloch & His OrchestraSignature15070-B331
Dick Liebert (Organ)Victor26713
12/17/1934Paul Whiteman & His OrchestraVictor24844-A86468
12/19/1934George Hall & His OrchestraBluebirdB5781-A86483
01/03/1935Henry King & His OrchestraColumbia2998-D16545
01/04/1935Freddy Martin & His OrchestraBrunswick735616606
01/08/1935Smith Ballew & His OrchestraConqueror847216555
01/08/1935Smith Ballew & His OrchestraMelotoneM1328516555
01/08/1935Smith Ballew & His OrchestraOriole307516555
01/08/1935Smith Ballew & His OrchestraPerfect16059B16555
01/09/1935Glen Gray And The Casa Loma OrchestraDecca349-A39234
04/04/1935Irene Dunne W Jack ShilkretBrunswick742017247
04/09/1935Jack FultonConqueror851817270
04/09/1935Jack FultonMelotoneM1338817270
04/09/1935Jack FultonOriole313417270
04/09/1935Jack FultonPerfect1313917270
05/13/1935Prairie RamblersConqueror853617531
05/13/1935Prairie RamblersMelotoneM1344117531
05/13/1935Prairie RamblersPerfect1315817531
06/25/1935Putney DandridgeVocalion298217731
08/05/1935Ted Russell & His OrchestraChampion40041E39811
02/14/1936Riley PuckettBluebirdB6291-A99124
09/06/1939Harry Horlick & His OrchestraDecca2886-A66278
10/16/1939Al Cooper & His Savoy SultansDecca2930-A66777
10/16/1939Al Cooper & His Savoy SultansDecca4206-B66777
12/07/1939Cat And The FiddleBluebirdB8443044323
06/19/1940Jane PickensColumbia35583CO27504
11/29/1940Johnny Long & His OrchestraDecca3574-B68414
09/08/1941Sonny Dunham & His OrchestraBluebirdB11337067757
04/28/1944Guy Lombardo And His Royal CanadiansDecca23763-A72043
02/18/1946Johnny Long And His OrchestraDecca23973-B73379
1935The Night Is Youngfilmfilm originalintroduced
When I Grow Too Old To Dream When I Grow Too Old To Dream When I Grow Too Old To Dream
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