SheSings Women's A Cappella Festival 2014
Workshops & Master Classes
Fri, May 23 - Sat, May 24
various rooms, The Shedd Institute
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Download the SheSings 2014 schedule HERE.
The Women's A Cappella Association (WACA) is thrilled to be hosting the Second Annual Women's A Cappella Festival this May at The Shedd Institute in Eugene! One of the festival's primary aims is to educate, thus making the instructors and clinicians an integral part of the festival! We are committed to providing festival participants with enriching, innovative, comprehensive, and inspiring curricula.
For more information, participation applications, and breaking news, visit the WACA website at SheSings 2014
Download the SheSings 2014 schedule HERE.
1:30 pm Living Room Meet & Greet
3:00 pm Recital Hall Boots and Cats: Vocal Percussion Workshop (Instructor: Geena Glaser)
Room 230 The Bass Line: Singing and Arranging Techniques for Your Low-Voiced Singers (Instructor: Lisa Forkish)
4:00 pm Recital Hall The Basics: Movement and Performance Onstage (Instructor: Evynne Hollens & Megan Lenhardt)
Room 230 The Next Level: Connecting to Your Song & Audience (Instructor: Michelle Rocqet)
5:00 pm Dinner Break
7:30 pm Jaqua Concert Hall Showcase 1: featuring The Riveters
Download the SheSings 2014 schedule HERE.
9:00 am Recital Hall Original Songwriting (Instructor: Brianne Holland)
Room 230 Why Lyrics Matter (Instructor: Amy Malkoff)
10:15 am Recital Hall Belt High, Belt Healthy (Instructor: Erin Hackel)
Room 230 Let's Put On A Show! (Instructor: Rene Ruiz)
11:30 am Recital Hall Social Media and The New Music Industry (Instructor: Peter Hollens)
Room 230 Vocal Technique and Anatomy (Instructor: Marie Plette)
12:30 pm Great Hall Q&A Panel with Honey Whiskey Trio and The Riveters (The Great Hall)
1:30 pm Recital Hall Nail It: Audition Workshop & Tricks of the Trade (Instructors: Evynne Hollens & Megan Perdue)
Room 230 Arranging 101 (Instructor: Lisa Forkish)
2:45 pm Recital Hall The Sing-Off and Pitch Perfect: Representation of Women’s A Cappella in the Media (Various Panelists)
4:00 pm Living Room WACA Vol. 1 Listening Party
5:00 pm Dinner Break
7:30 pm Jaqua Concert Hall Showcase 2: featuring Honey Whisky Trio
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