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Thursday Aug 15
7:30 pOFAM 1996 Introduction
Friday Aug 16
7:30 pIn the Mood
Saturday Aug 17
4:00 pThis Side of Paradise - Dinner
7:30 pThis Side of Paradise
Monday Aug 19
5:00 pStone: Say It With Music: The ‘20s In Revue
Tuesday Aug 20
5:00 pPhelps: Modernity & Tradition in the 1920s
7:30 pOh, Boy!
Wednesday Aug 21
5:00 pMcLucas: From Ballads to Broadway
7:30 pOf Thee I Sing
Thursday Aug 22
5:00 pDescutner: From the Ballroom to the Dark Continent
7:30 pOh, Boy!
Friday Aug 23
7:30 pOf Thee I Sing
Saturday Aug 24
7:30 pOn A Spree!
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This Side of Paradise
Sat Aug 17, 7:30-10:00 pm
Museum Quadrangle, U of O
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No celebration of the music of 1920s America could be complete without an evening that pays tribute to the period’s extraordinary dance and to the carefree sheiks and flappers who contributed so substantially to defining the “roaring 20s”…or what F. Scott Fitzgerald aptly dubbed “the Jazz Age”. The Festival is pleased to welcome back bassist-musicologist Roy Wiseman and his 1920s-era Festival jazz band the Utopians, who will bring you just this side of paradise with a mini-concert and a long evening of dancing. Featured guest cornetist Jon-Erik Kellso will bring back the memory of the great Bix Beiderbecke. The West Brothers will serve up another of their exquisite period dinners. There will be a late afternoon croquet tournament. And prizes for the best period costumes will be given. But most importantly? As Adele said to Fred: “I’d rather Charleston!”
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Saturday Aug 17
4:00 pmThis Side of Paradise - Dinner
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Museum Quadrangle
University of Oregon

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