This season Shedd Classical 2020-21 offers 5 new programs by Michael Anderson & Alice Blankenship's premiere chamber ensemble, microphilharmonic featuring music covering almost 400 years of European art music from a fine selection of Italian Baroque composers of the early-mid 17th century, to the late 18th and early 19th century Classical masters Mozart and Beethoven, the mid-19th century Romantic giants Schumann and Brahms, and late 19th and early 20th century work of Czech composers Leoš Janácek and Antonín Dvorák. In addition, we are pleased to have rescheduled the extraordinary pianist Gabriela Montero.
Purchases of a group of 6-14 tickets to a single concert receive a ~10% discount. Purchases of a group of 15+ tickets to a single concert receive an approximate 15% discount Not all concerts are eligible. Please see Shedd Classical ticketing information for more details.
The Shedd Institute Ticket Office: Phone: 541.434.7000. Location: 868 High Street, Eugene, OR (at the corner of E. Broadway & High Streets in downtown Eugene; enter through the High Street doors).
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