“Summer...Time To Play With Others”
by Ginevra Ralph, Director of Education
A woman told me that singing was the way she made new friends. Her husband’s job relocated them every two years, and she promptly sought out the local community singing groups in each new town. The love of raising voices together was all it took to open doors and get over that hump of meeting new people.
Summertime at The Shedd encourages young musicians to do the same. Come learn something new along with new – after the first day -- friends.
If you play violin, horn or guitar, for example, try something a little different from what you learn in school. Join a Jazz Camp, the Mariachi Camp, or the Chamber Ensemble. You’ll stretch out your skills, learn different music, and play with students from other schools and communities.
Singers: mariachi needs you too! Or you can join the cast for musical theatre samplers, or for the younger set, explore traditional world and American songs while trying out ukulele, rhythm instruments, vaudeville skills, and more.
Haven’t played before? Neither have some of the others in the Guitar Camp – a great lifelong instrument. We’ll get you going and show you where you can take it.
Or drop in to our popular Wednesday “Music Box” class and try out a different instrument each week before you choose what you want to play next fall.
We do emphasize “playing” your instrument at The Shedd!! Come have some summer fun making music with new friends!
Term Announcements
- Summer session 2018 begins Sunday, June 17.
- Begin private lessons anytime!
- Camps meet on: Wednesday, July 4 (Independence Day); lessons are canceled unless specifically scheduled.
- Summer SYJO2 (June 25-29)
- Summer SYJO (July 2-6)
- Chamber Strings Institute (2 camps) (July 2-13)
- Basic Strings (July 2-6)
- Chamber Strings (July 9-13)
- Acoustic Guitar Camp (June 26-30)
- Musical Theatre Training Academy (June 25-July 8)
- Musical Theatre Sampler (June 25-July 13)
- Mariachi del Shedd (July 2-13)
Focus on Summer Camps
Mariachi del Shedd
Mariachi del Shedd
Chris Holt and Fernell López once again lead The Shedd's 2-week mariachi summer camp. If you are a middle or high school trumpet, guitar, harp or violin player (and or want to sing in Spanish), join us for the most exciting music camp in town! Read more...
Musical Theatre Sampler
The Shedd Institute's musical theatre camp for middle schoolers offers 3 stand-alone week-long camps that each focus on a different era of American musical theatre over the past 100 years. Read more...
Musical Theatre Training Academy
The Shedd Institute's intensive training camp for young adults returns June 25th. Taught by actors, singers and dancers at the top of their profession, this 3 week camp affords the dedicated thespian a compact, serious course in what it really takes to be a "triple threat". Read more...
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Summer Term 2018
Weekly Schedule
Summer Term 2018
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