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Summer Term 2019
Mariachi del Shedd 2019
Chris Holt
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Background, professional training and performance history
Chris currently teaches Symphonic Band, Jazz, Mariachi, Guitar and General Music at Springfield High School and Goshen School. He has been employed by Springfield public schools for the last eight years. He also taught for seven years at Bend High School in Bend, OR. Chris started teaching mariachi in January of 2008, and attended the MENC (National Association of Music Educators) Mariachi Workshop in Reston, VA in the summer of 2009, where he specialized in learning vihuela performance techniques. He currently lives in Creswell with my wife and three kids.
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
“I believe that playing music is a great way to examine and recreate emotion. The goal of all performances is to become technically proficient on our instruments to the point that we can get out of the way of the musical experience and communicate the emotional qualities of our music. The entire process, from learning how to make a sound to rehearsing as an ensemble, should be a fun experience. We work hard in rehearsal so that we can experience the joy of playing music and the sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering a composition. In my experience, a lot of people like to talk about multiculturalism. In my mariachi experiences, we don't talk about being multicultural, we just are multicultural. The opportunity to experience another culture while learning a totally new style of music is an amazing experience."
Instruments & classes taught
Chris teaches Mariachi vihuela. His primary instruments are piano and clarinet.
Chris Holt teaches these Summer Term 2019 courses: