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A New Year’s Resolution:
Learn Something New! It’s Never Too Late!!
by Ginevra Ralph, Director of Education
It’s never too late to pick up a new instrument (or singing or dance) or to return to a favorite one that you used to play. It may be too late to perform at Carnegie Hall – but that isn’t the reason the vast majority of people make music, and it isn’t our goal for music lessons at The Shedd. We want you to enjoy your music making just for yourself – whatever that means for you! We take “PLAY an instrument” seriously!
Did you use to play but stopped? We have heard from many adults that, as youngsters, they didn’t feel they were “good enough” to continue to play or they hated compulsory recitals. At The Shedd the pressure is off!! Music-making can be a completely private experience if you want it to be.
On the other hand, sharing your music-making or playing/singing with others can be immensely satisfying and fun. At The Shedd you can meet others who are playing or singing at your level and have similar musical interests. Besides private lessons, your instructor can coach you as an “ensemble” – be it bluegrass, classical, accompanying, duets, jazz, rock band, musical theatre – you name it. Or join one of the 2 adult singing groups or tap dancers – just for fun!
We also encourage you to experiment. Always wanted to try fiddling, saxophone, or piano, but aren’t sure if you’ll like it?? Just rent an instrument from The Shedd for a month or two and take a few lessons. If it isn’t the right instrument, try something else. For youngsters we structure an initial hands-on experimentation with the weekly Music Box class. For adults, we encourage you to do your own experimenting to find the right fit just for you with both an instrument and instructor as well as the frequency of your lessons.
What a great way to ring in the New Year! You can start at any time to enrich your life with your own music-making!
Term Announcements
- Winter classes begin Sunday, January 6.
- Begin private lessons anytime!
- No classes scheduled: Monday, January 21 (MLK Day), Monday, February 18 (President’s Day)
Focus on select Classes...
The Music Box
Music Box provides a beginning foundation in music education with hands-on explorations of different instruments, songs and musical styles to help students discover the right “fit” for their musical interests and pick a favorite instrument for further study. Each week introduces a new song from our Music Box CD (ranging from spirituals, folk, jazz, bluegrass and more) followed by a hands-on introduction to a new instrument led by a Shedd Faculty member! Read more...
kid playing piano
Basic Piano
Piano is a great instrument for anyone to start music lessons on and a fundamental tool for all instrumentalists, singers, and songwriters. It provides a strong foundation for reading music, manual coordination, and ear training all at the same time. In our Basic Piano course for ages K-3 students will learn basic keyboard orientation and simple melodies. Read more...
The Revue
The MTTA Revue!
The Shedd Institute’s Musical Theatre Training Academy REVUE program was established to provide a regional training opportunity for young performers, grades 9-12, to further develop and hone existing skills in the core musical theatre disciplines of acting, voice, and dance. The MTTA Winter Revue 2019 is celebrates the music of legendary composer/lyricist Cole Porter. The Ragozzino Scholarship If you are thinking of attending the Musical Theatre Training Academy, we encourage you to apply for an Ed Ragozzino Merit Scholarship. Read more...
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