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Fall Term 2021
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Jack Coelho
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Jack's relationship with the guitar began at the age of 13 when he was struck by the feeling, depth, and passion being communicated through the guitar playing of Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Carlos Santana, and BB King. He began an ongoing journey of discovery that led him from rock and blues, to funk, reggae, and other popular electric guitar styles. In the later teen years, Jack was introduced to the world of jazz, jazz fusion, and Latin jazz by his band teacher Greg Hall. He attended University of Oregon, and then Berklee College of Music, and has played in many ensembles and bands in the Pacific Northwest. Jack teaches electric guitar styles including rock, blues, funk, reggae, indie, jazz, and jazz based styles. In addition, he teaches folk and other acoustic steel string based styles. Jack enjoys teaching beginning to advanced level students, from ages 5 to 85, and seeks to present a solid foundation in technique, music theory, improvisation, and sight-reading, depending on the unique desires and learning strengths of each student.
“My teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that human beings are inherently musical, and that joy, self-expression, and connection with others can be experienced at any level of musical ability. I seek to help my students explore what brings them the most authentic musical fulfillment.”
Jack teaches guitar (jazz, blues, funk, rock, folk, reggae, country, pop).
Jack Coelho teaches these Fall Term 2021 courses:
9:00 amPrivate Lesson