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Notes from the director... - March 2022
The Music Box
Great fun with a real purpose!
by Heidi Turnquist, Director of Education
How many instruments have you played in your life? My hunch is that most have adults have probably played piano, guitar, and something you blow, bow, or beat on. But what about all the others? Each instrument has a distinct sound, of course, but they also have a distinct feel. Some tickle. Some even hurt a bit until fingers or lips get accustomed. But how can a student possibly choose an instrument to play without ever trying one out?
We know that a lot of people stop making music because they got “stuck” with the “wrong” instrument – it was the last one the band teacher needed you to play to round out the ensemble, or it was grandma’s up on the closet shelf, or you got one for Christmas because you thought you liked the sound…
The Music Box is a chance for students to try 20-30 different instruments. Leader Keri Davis welcomes a different guest faculty member and instrument each week. It might be accordion, ukulele, harmonica, trombone, drums, bagpipes, and even tap dancing. These students know how to make a sound on a flute, saxophone, or trumpet. They know the differences between violin, viola, cello and bass. (Parents learn something too!)
Term Announcements
- Spring classes begin Monday, April 4th & runs through Saturday, June 12th.
   Begin private lessons anytime!
- Special Days: Sun April 17, Easter (The Shedd is closed: no classes or lessons)
Mon May 30, Memorial Day (The Shedd is closed: no classes or lessons)
Focus on the Classes...
Join Fernell López and participate Eugene’s Mariachi del Shedd. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned musician, we have a Mariachi session for you! Our introductory section of Mariachi del Shedd (Tue 4:30-6pm) is designed especially for new members, while our longstanding advanced Mariachi del Shedd (Fri 4:30-6pm) is geared towards teens and adults with more experience in the genre. On Fridays, López will lead sectionals for both Mariachi sections to help with specific skills on each instrument.
The Vaudeville Hour
The Vaudeville Hour!
The Shedd Institute’s Harburg Academy VAUDEVILLE HOUR program was established to provide a regional training opportunity for young performers grades 5-8 with fundamental skill building in the areas of acting, voice, and dance towards the pursuit of their craft. The Ragozzino Scholarship If you are thinking of attending the Musical Theatre Training Academy, we encourage you to apply for an Ed Ragozzino Merit Scholarship. Read more...
kids playing violin
The Music Box
Is your child interested in music, but isn’t sure what instrument they want to play? Not sure where to start with their music education? Come to The Music Box! Students get hands-on experience in a variety of instruments, movement styles, songs, and music crafts!