Continuing Tap
for grade 9 - adult, Term 2
Tue Jan 8-Tue Mar 12
Room 316 Dance, The Shedd Institute
  • Description
This will be a fast paced class for students with tap dance experience. Students will review and improve basic tap skills and add doubles where appropriate, learning more complex rhythms, travel steps, time step variations and breaks. A basic routine will be taught throughout the term.
This is term 2 or 3.
Jean Nelson, instructor
Tuition $135/10 sessions
Age/Grades, Skill Level, Prerequisites
Age/Grade:9th grade- adult
Skill Level:intermediate, intermediate +
Prereq's:Intermediate Tap Dance 1 or instructor's approval
Supplies/equipment needed
tap shoes, clothes you can dance comfortably in without restriction
Room 316 Dance
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
868 High Street
Eugene, OR
The Eye Center
Shedd Presenting Sponsor