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The Music Box
Cello with Donna Wynn
Wed Feb 13, 4:00-4:00 pm
Room 230, The Shedd Institute
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This week's instrument: CELLO
Each week you will be introduced to a new song from our Music Box CD (ranging from spirituals, folk, jazz, bluegrass and more) followed by a hands-on introduction to a new instrument led by a Shedd Faculty member. Each session will be presented in a multi-dimensional context of film, history, geography, nature, and language to make every musical workshop even richer, more educational and fun! With every musical discovery, your child grows one step closer to a lifetime of music making and informed music listening. Parents/grandparents are strongly encouraged to attend the class as well to support the child’s exploration.
Each Music Box session stands by itself and every session is different. Drop-ins are welcome and Music Box tickets may be purchased when you arrive. We also sell Music Box tickets in discounted packs of 10 which are transferable and may be used for any Music Box any time. You can also register for the entire term for a greater discount.
Hannah Gabrielson, instructor
Donna Wynn, guest instructor
Tuition $68/10 sessions
Drop-in $8/1 session
Package $72/10-pack
Age/Grades, Skill Level, Prerequisites
Age/Grade:K - 5th grade
Skill Level:beginner
Supplies/equipment needed
Room 230
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
868 High Street
Eugene, OR
The Eye Center
Shedd Presenting Sponsor