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Steve Stone
The Emerald City Jazz Kings 2003-04
Sentimental Journey
Steve Stone
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Stephen Stone is a retired associate professor at the University of Oregon School of Music. He has taught extensively in the fields of jazz history and popular music for the past 20 years, and has served as lecturer-presenter for Oregon Festival of American Music on such diverse subjects as Fletcher Henderson, Stephen Foster, and Broadway revue in the 1920s. He has produced "Jazz Songbook" a weekly program for public radio. He is also a professional jazz trombonist who performs regularly with the Starliters Big Band.

Steve Stone Links
 Bio at the UO School of Music
Aug 19OFAM 1996Say It With Music: The ‘20s In RevueBeall
Feb 21-Mar 13JK 1996-97Sweet & Hot
Apr 15-18JK 1996-97Sweeter & Hotter
Aug 14-15JK 1996-97Dear Old Southland
Jan 30-31JK 1997-98Forty Second Street
Apr 24-30JK 1997-98Doin' The Raccoon
Oct 15-16JK 1998-99Fascinating Rhythm
Jan 28-30JK 1998-99Star Dust Memories
May 6-13JK 1998-99Rockin' In Rhythm
Oct 14-22JK 1999-00Wrappin' It Up in '34
Jan 27-Feb 4JK 1999-00Blues in the Night
Apr 28-May 13JK 1999-00The Latin Tinge
Oct 6-15JK 2000-01Bixology
Jan 26-Feb 4JK 2000-01The New Yorkers
May 4-13JK 2000-01Puttin' on the Ritz
Aug 2OFAM 2001On the 20th CenturySilva
Aug 9OFAM 2001Super Chief - Dance
Oct 20-28JK 2001-02Swingin' the Blues
Feb 8-24JK 2001-02We're In the Money
May 9-19JK 2001-02Hit That Jive, Jack
Aug 2OFAM 2002Gershwin In FilmRecital
Aug 8OFAM 2002Shall We Dance? - Dance
Oct 1-19JK 2002-03Thou Swell!
Feb 14-21JK 2002-03The Fabulous Dorseys
May 1-10JK 2002-03The Joint Is Jumpin'!
Aug 8OFAM 2003High StandardsRecital
Aug 12OFAM 2003Jeepers Creepers
Aug 15OFAM 2003Lesser-Known LoesserRecital
Aug 16OFAM 2003Fine and DandyJaqua
Oct 16-25JK 2003-04It's The Girls!
Feb 6-15JK 2003-04Sentimental Journey
May 7-16JK 2003-04Hooray for Hollywood!
Aug 9OFAM 2004Baghdad By The BayRecital
Oct 21-24JK 2004-05A String of Pearls
Feb 10-19JK 2004-05Come On And Hear!
May 14-22JK 2004-05Cocktails For Two
Aug 12OFAM 2005Structure & SentimentRecital
Oct 6-9JK 2005-06‘Taint Whatcha Do (It’s the Way Howcha Do It)
Mar 2-11JK 2005-06Days of Wine & Roses
May 11-20JK 2005-06Harry & Hoagy
Aug 4OFAM 2006The 20s In RevueRecital
Oct 12-21JK 2006-07A Fine Romance
Feb 3-18JK 2006-07Swinging On A Star
May 10-19JK 2006-07Get Happy!
Aug 10OFAM 2007Rodgers & Hart X TwoRecital
Oct 11-18JK 2007-08Let's Dance!
Jan 31-Feb 8JK 2007-08Well, Git It!
May 1-11JK 2007-08Blowin' Up A Storm!
Jul 31OFAM 2008Harold ArlenRecital
Aug 2OFAM 2008Harry WarrenRecital
Oct 16-24JK 2008-09It's A Great Feeling!
Feb 12-19JK 2008-09The Gang's All Here!
Apr 30-May 10JK 2008-09Hold That Ghost!
Oct 15-23JK 2009-10That Old Black Magic
Jan 29-Feb 7JK 2009-10Heart and Soul
Apr 30-May 9JK 2009-10'S Wonderful
Oct 22-31JK 2010-11Time After Time
Feb 4-13JK 2010-11Night And Day
Mar 31-Apr 8JK 2010-11Side By Side
May 6-15JK 2010-11Coast To Coast
Aug 4OFAM 2011The Norman ConquestCole Gallery
Oct 13-21JK 2011-12Jukebox Saturday Night
Feb 2-10JK 2011-12Pick Yourself Up
Mar 8-18JK 2011-12Here Come The Blondes
May 4-13JK 2011-12On The Road with Jimmy Van Heusen
Steve Stone appears in these The Jazz Kings 2003-04 events:
Thursday Oct 16
7:30 pIt's The Girls!
Saturday Oct 18
7:30 pIt's The Girls!
Sunday Oct 19
2:30 pIt's The Girls!
Saturday Oct 25
7:30 pIt's The Girls!
Friday Feb 6
7:30 pSentimental Journey
Thursday Feb 12
7:30 pSentimental Journey
Friday Feb 13
7:30 pSentimental Journey
Sunday Feb 15
2:30 pSentimental Journey
Friday May 7
7:30 pHooray for Hollywood!
Sunday May 9
7:30 pHooray for Hollywood!
Thursday May 13
7:30 pHooray for Hollywood!
Sunday May 16
2:30 pHooray for Hollywood!