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Night And Day - Steve Stone Night And Day Michael & Julie
Night And Day
Sun Feb 13, 2:30-4:30 pm
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
The Eye Center
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The Emerald City Jazz Kings continue their Three Little Words series as Steve and the Jazz Kings 9 are joined by Michael Stone and Julie Alsin for an evening in the heavens as they explore how American Songbook composers dealt with the effects of natural phenomena on romance. It turns out to be a wide-open field. For example, many variants of “night” and “day” turn up in song titles, e.g., morning, evening, sunrise, sunset, dawn, twilight, noon and midnight. All of the seasons—spring, summer, autumn and winter—are well represented. Even more popular are titles evoking the effects on romance of the elements—sun, moon, stars, wind, rain and snow. An evening of wonderful songs including "Twilight In Turkey", "Blue Moon", "Swinging On A Star", "Fly Me To The Moon", "Love And The Weather", "Moonlight Serenade", "Pennies From Heaven", "On The Sunny Side of the Street" and many more!
Event Personnel
Steve Stone, director
Julie Alsin, vocals
Michael Stone, vocals
Jesse Cloninger, reeds
Frank Kenney, reeds
Bob Bork, reeds
Dave Bender, trumpet
Morani Sanders, trumpet
John Polese, piano
Bill Marsh, guitar
Nathan Waddell, bass
Josh Hakanson, drums
SET I - Love And The Weather
 Twilight In Turkey
(1937) Ali Baba Goes To Town Raymond Scott (m)
 Swinging On A Star
(1944) Going My Way Johnny Burke (w) Jimmy Van Heusen (m)
 Blue Moon
 Here's That Rainy Day
(1953) Going My Way Johnny Burke (w) Jimmy Van Heusen (m)
 Pennies From Heaven
(1936) Pennies From Heaven Johnny Burke (w) Arthur Johnston (m)
 Velvet Moon
(1943) Deep Adventure Eddie DeLange (w) Josef Myrow (m)
 Fly Me To The Moon
(1954) Bart Howard (w/m)
 Moonlight Serenade
(1939) interpolated into Day-Time Wife Mitchell Parish (w) Glenn Miller (m)
 Love And The Weather
(1947) Irving Berlin (w/m)
 No Moon At All
(1949) Redd Evans (w) Dave Mann (m)
 On The Sunny Side of the Street
(1930) Lew Leslie's International Revue Dorothy Fields (w) Jimmy McHugh (m)
SET II - Night And Day
 Night And Day
(1932) Gay Divorce Cole Porter (w/m)
 Orange Colored Sky
(1950) Milton DeLugg (w) Willie Stein (m)
 Beyond The Sea
(1947) Jack Lawrence (w) Charles Trénet (m)
(1941) Ray Charles (w) Claude Thornhill (m)
 Summer Wind
(1965) Johnny Mercer (w) Heinz Meier (m) [translation of Der Sommerwind]
 Oh You Crazy Moon
(1939) Swingin' The Dream Johnny Burke (w) Jimmy Van Heusen (m)
 A Melody From The Sky
(1936) Sidney Mitchell (w) Louis Alter (m)
 The Breeze And I
(1940) Al Stillman (en) (w) Ernesto Lecuona (m) [uses melody of Andalucía]
(1939) Swingin' The Dream Eddie DeLange (w) Jimmy Van Heusen (m)
 I Got The Sun In The Morning
(1946) Annie Get Your Gun Irving Berlin (w/m)

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Sunday Feb 13
1:00 pmPre-Concert Lunch
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Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
The Eye Center
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