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In the beginning there were the Boswell Sisters. Well, not exactly. There had been numerous "sister" singing groups in the 1920s, including the Brox Sisters, The Trix Sisters, the Ponce Sisters and the Duncan Sisters, all of whom left ample recorded evidence of their abilities to harmonize popular songs, and the more famous Dolly Sisters, who, unfortunately, never recorded. But it was the Boswells who from 1930-1936, set the standards by which all subsequent sister acts were measured. The Andrews Sisters, The King Sisters and the McGuire Sisters all acknowledged their musical debts to the Boswells for the originality, ensemble and supreme musicianship. We have previously performed many Boswell (and other) Sisters arrangements, ingeniously adapted for us by our resident arranger, Lou Halmy, and masterfully performed by our own "Bos' trio--Shirley, Julie and Vicki. We decided it was high time to give them a program of their own, and here it is!
Event Personnel
Steve Stone, artistic director & band leader
Shirley Andress, vocalist
Julie Alsin, vocalist
Vicki Brabham, vocalist
Frank Kenney, reeds
Steve Owen, reeds
Craig Bender, reeds
Dave Bender, trumpet
Tim Clarke, trumpet
John Adler, trumpet
Caleb Standafer, trombone
Vicki Brabham, piano
Mark Forrest, guitar, banjo
Nathan Waddell, bass
Alan Tarpinian, drums
Ticket/Venue Info
No ticketing information available.
Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon