Cole Porter smiling, with cigarette Cole Porter composing Cole Porter rehearsing male quartet Cole Porter with cigarette
The Emerald City Jazz Kings 2023-24
Let's Misbehave
Cole Porter
Cole Porter works are featured in these The Jazz Kings 2023-24 events:
Friday Oct 20
7:30 pSongbook Select
Saturday Oct 21
7:30 pSongbook Select
Sunday Oct 22
3:00 pSongbook Select
Friday Feb 23
7:30 pLet's Misbehave
Saturday Feb 24
3:00 pLet's Misbehave
Sunday Feb 25
3:00 pLet's Misbehave
Friday Apr 12
7:30 pDearie's Blues
Saturday Apr 13
3:00 pDearie's Blues
Sunday Apr 14
3:00 pDearie's Blues
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