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OFAM 2022 Music In The Air Opening Gala 3 OFAM 2022 Music In The Air Opening Gala 2 OFAM 2022 Music In The Air Opening Gala 1
OFAM 2022 - Pennies From Heaven
Music In The Air
Opening Gala
Wed, Jul 27
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
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Festival music director Chuck Redd opens this summer's celebration of the music of The Great Depression with a focus on the importance of the rise of commercial radio broadcasting to the entertainment industry during the period. While records and sheet music continued to play an important role in and movies commanded an increasing share of the popular music and entertainment market during the 1930s, it was the radio which dominated. Increasingly inexpensive to buy and free to use, radio went from being in 1 of 5 households in 1930 to 4 of 5 by 1939 and did more than anything to bring a nation in crisis together through a veritable host of live radio shows. Chuck and company dip into the Golden Age of Radio with a fine sampling.
Event Personnel
Chuck Redd, artistic director
Bill Hulings, vocals & emcee
Shirley Andress, vocals
Lynnea Barry, vocals
Siri Vik, vocals
Ted Rosenthal, piano
Tom Wakeling, bass
Paul Wells, drums
Howard Alden, guitar
Will Anderson, reeds
Peter Anderson, reeds
Tim Clarke, trumpet
Chuck Redd, vibes, drums
 Beautiful Girl
(1933) Stage Mother Arthur Freed (w) Nacio Herb Brown (m)
 Shadow Waltz
(1933) Gold Diggers Of 1933 Al Dubin (w) Harry Warren (m)
 Star Dust
 A-Tisket A-Tasket
(1938) Ella Fitzgerald (w) Al Feldman (m) [adaptation of A Tisket, A Tasket]
 Thanks For The Memory
(1937) The Big Broadcast of 1938 Leo Robin (w) Ralph Rainger (m)
 Where The Blue Of The Night
(1931) Bing Crosby, Roy Turk (w) Fred E. Ahlert (m)
 Comes Love
(1939) Yokel Boy Charles Tobias, Lew Brown (w) Sam Stept (m)
 Darn That Dream
(1939) Swingin' The Dream Eddie DeLange (w) Jimmy Van Heusen (m)
 Stompy Jones
(1934) Duke Ellington (m)
 I Let A Song Go Out of My Heart
(1938) Irving Mills, John Redmond, Henry Nemo (w) Duke Ellington (m)
 Ain't Misbehavin'
(1929) Connie's Hot Chocolates Andy Razaf (w) Fats Waller (m)
 My Old Flame
(1934) Belle Of The Nineties Sam Coslow, Arthur Johnston (w/m)
 Rose Room
(1917) Harry Williams (w) Art Hickman (m)
 Just Let Me Look At You
(1938) Joy Of Living Dorothy Fields (w) Jerome Kern (m)
 All Through The Night
(1934) Anything Goes Cole Porter (w/m)
 Lullaby In Rhythm
(1938) Edgar Sampson, Walter Hirsch, Clarence Profit (w/m)
(1920) Benny Davis (w) Con Conrad, J. Russel Robinson (m)
(1939) Sid Robin (w) Charlie Shavers (m)
 The Love Nest
(1920) Mary Otto Harbach (w) Louis A. Hirsch (m)
 A Ghost Of A Chance
(1932) Bing Crosby, Ned Washington (w) Victor Young (m)

July, 2022
We 27 7:30 pMusic In The Air: Eugene
Ticket/Venue Info
No ticketing information available.
Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
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