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8:00 pSingin' In The Rain
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Singin' In The Rain
Singin' In The Rain
MGM, Hollywood, 1929-36
Sat Aug 1, 8:00-9:15 pm
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
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Ranked the top film musical and the 5th top film, period, of all time by the American Film Institute, M-G-M’s 1952 musical comedy about Hollywood’s transition from silents to talkies was conceived by Arthur Freed–head of the studio’s famed “Freed Unit”, which was responsible for the lavish musicals for which M-G-M is best known–as a vehicle for songs he had written with Nacio Herb Brown for M-G-M musicals from 1929 to ‘39, that first decade after Vitaphone changed moving pictures forever…and made singing on film even possible: “Singin’ In The Rain”, “You Were Meant For Me”, “Temptation”, “All I Do Is Dream Of You”, “Good Morning!”, “You Were Meant For Me”, and “Should I?” Only “Moses Supposes” and “Make “Em Laugh” were written specifically for the film.
Event Personnel
Ken Peplowski, director, clarinet
Maria Jette, vocals
Ian Whitcomb, vocals
Dan Barrett, trombone
Bill Mays, piano
Doug Miller, bass
Chuck Redd, drums
Frank Vignola, guitar
 All I Do Is Dream Of You
(1934) Sadie McGee Arthur Freed (w) Nacio Herb Brown (m)
 You Were Meant For Me
(1929) The Broadway Melody Arthur Freed (w) Nacio Herb Brown (m) - Michael
(1933) Going Hollywood Arthur Freed (w) Nacio Herb Brown (m)
 Fit As A Fiddle
(1932) George White's Music Hall Varieties Arthur Freed (w) Al Goodhart, Al Hoffman (m) - Ian
 You Are My Lucky Star
(1935) Broadway Melody of 1936 Arthur Freed (w) Nacio Herb Brown (m) - Maria
 Be A Clown
(1948) The Pirate Cole Porter (w/m) - Catherine
 Make 'Em Laugh
(1952) Singin' In The Rain Arthur Freed (w) Nacio Herb Brown (m) - Michael
 Should I
(1930) Lord Byron of Broadway Arthur Freed (w) Nacio Herb Brown (m) - Ian
 Moses Supposes
(1952) Singin' In The Rain Betty Comden, Adolph Green (w) Roger Edens (m) - Ken
 Good Morning
(1939) Babes In Arms Arthur Freed (w) Nacio Herb Brown (m) - Catherine, Maria, Michael
 I Cried For You
(1923) Arthur Freed (w) Gus Arnheim, Abe Lyman (m) - Catherine
 You Stepped Out Of A Dream
(1941) Ziegfeld Girl Gus Kahn (w) Nacio Herb Brown (m) - Maria
 Singin' In The Rain
(1927) The Hollywood Music Box Revue Arthur Freed (w) Nacio Herb Brown (m) - Michael, Maria, Cahterine, Ian

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Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
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Eugene, Oregon
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