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The number one reason we decided to do another year of the Songbook in Hollywood, bringing our period of focus up through the 1950s, is because Ken was extremely disappointed that he couldn't sing "That's Amore" last year. Well, maybe it wasn't THE number one reason, but it did spark the realization that OFAM 2013's celebration of the classic Songbook in Hollywood from 1930-49 missed a lot of great tunes like "That's Amore". Introduced in the 1953 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis comedy The Caddy, this wonderful Harry Warren/Jack Brooks standard became a great hit for Martin, was his signature song, and is just about as iconic 1950s as Marilyn Monroe, Bob's Big Boy and the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. So now Ken gets to sing it, along with a pile of other fine 1940s and '50s lighter fare, like "Triplets", "Well, Did You Evah?", "Chica Chica Boom Chic", "Baby, It's Cold Outside", "Make 'Em Laugh", "A Couple Of Swells", and more!
Event Personnel
Ken Peplowski, director, reeds
 Now You Has Jazz
(1955) High Society - Cole Porter (w/m)
 You Don't Have To Know The Language
(1947) Road To Rio - Johnny Burke (w) Jimmy Van Heusen (m)
(1954) White Christmas - Irving Berlin (w/m)
(1937) Between The Devil - Howard Dietz (w) Arthur Schwartz (m)
 A Square In The Social Circle
(1945) The Stork Club - Ray Evans (w) Jerry Livingston (m)
 Baby, It's Cold Outside
(1948) interpolated into Neptune's Daughter - Frank Loesser (w/m)
 A Couple Of Swells
(1948) Easter Parade - Irving Berlin (w/m)
 Well, Did You Evah?
(1940) Du Barry Was A Lady - Cole Porter (w/m)
 The Inch Worm
(1951) Hans Christian Andersen - Frank Loesser (w/m)
 That's Amoré
(1953) The Caddy - Jack Brooks (w) Harry Warren (m)
 Chica Chica Boom Chic
(1941) That Night In Rio - Mack Gordon (w) Harry Warren (m)
 Go West, Young Man
(1947) Copacabana - Bert Kalmar (w) Harry Ruby (m)
 Your Feet's Too Big
(1936) - Ada Benson (w) Fred Fisher (m)
 Inka Dinka Doo
(1933) interpolated into Two Girls And A Sailor - Ben Ryan (w) Jimmy Durante (m)
 I'm the Guy Who Found the Lost Chord
(1947) interpolated into This Time For Keeps - Jimmy Durante (w/m)
 Did You Ever Have the Feeling That You Wanted to Stay?
(1942) interpolated into Two Girls And A Sailor - Jimmy Durante (w/m)
 Make 'Em Laugh
(1952) Singin' In The Rain - Arthur Freed (w) Nacio Herb Brown (m)
 Be A Clown
(1948) The Pirate - Cole Porter (w/m)
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