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The witty, light-hearted, and, at times, gentle, haunting and deeply sad lyrics of Lorenz Hart (1895-1943) have often graced our work here at The Shedd. As one of the luminaries of the classic Songbook, he is an inescapable source: selections from his huge catalog with Richard Rodgers have peppered Shedd concerts and musical productions for 25 years, and to our minds Rodgers -- who was always brilliant, no matter what the project -- was at his best with Hart.
Lorenz Hart was a master, certainly, of 'society verse' -- that specific style of lyric which was dominant both on Broadway and in Hollywood during the golden age of musical comedy. Witty, playful, and oh so cool, these songs are as often love songs as any other popular genre but, as Ira Gershwin noted, do everything possible to avoid actually saying "I love you". And, other emotions? Not a chance! Light, sophisticated, erudite, and full of word-play, literary allusions, and sardonic, placid commentary on the modern condition, these songs were perfect for the 1920s-30s New York "society" frequented by the likes of Noel Coward and Cole Porter...and for everyone else who wished they were a part of it.
We've asked Siri Vik, a master and champion of so many of the great classic songwriters, to share her finely nuanced take on Hart and Rodgers for this year's celebration of the classic Songbook at its best.
Event Personnel
Siri Vik, artistic director, vocals
Siri Vik, vocals
Tony Glausi, trumpet
Joe Freuen, trombone
Jesse Cloninger, sax
Alistair Gardner, drums
Niels Miller, bass
Torrey Newhart, piano
Jack Radsliff, guitar
 Where Or When
(1937) Babes In Arms Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
 I Wish I Were In Love Again
(1937) Babes In Arms Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
(1925) Garrick Gaieties Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
 Ten Cents A Dance
(1930) Simple Simon Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
 Blue Moon
 My Heart Stood Still
(1927) A Connecticut Yankee Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
 To Keep My Love Alive
(1943) A Connecticut Yankee Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
 You Took Advantage Of Me
(1928) Present Arms Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
 There's A Small Hotel
(1935) On Your Toes Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
 This Can't Be Love
(1938) The Boys From Syracuse Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
 I Didn't Know What Time It Was
(1939) Too Many Girls Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
 It Never Entered My Mind
(1940) Higher And Higher Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
(1940) Pal Joey Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
(1940) Pal Joey Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
 My Funny Valentine
(1937) Babes In Arms Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)
 The Lady Is A Tramp
(1937) Babes In Arms Lorenz Hart (w) Richard Rodgers (m)

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