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The Big Broadcast of 1938 horizontal
The Big Broadcast of 1938
Paramount Pictures (1932)
Wed Jul 27, 9:30-11:45 am
Sheffer Recital Hall, The Shedd Institute
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In this fourth and final edition of The Big Broadcast series, the plot involves a transatlantic race from New York City to Cherbourg, France between a new steamship, the S.S. Gigantic, and the S.S. Colossal. Radio M.C., Buzz Fielding (Bob Hope) is in jail because he can't pay alimony to his three former wives. Dorothy Wyndham (Dorothy Lamour), a potential fourth Mrs. Fielding, bails him out with money she got from hocking her engagement ring. The owner of the Gigantic, T. Frothingill Bellows (W.C. Fields), sends his brother S.B. Frothingill (also W.C. Fields) on the Colossal because he causes disasters wherever he goes. S.B. and his daughter, Martha (Martha Raye), end up on the Gigantic instead. Buzz Fielding is onboard the Gigantic to broadcast reports of the transatlantic race and to emcee the various musical acts that entertain on the ship and those listening on their home radios. Also aboard are Buzzs three alimony-seeking ex-wives, Cleo (Shirley Ross), Grace (Grace Bradley), and Joan (Dorothy Howe).
As with the previous Big Broadcasts, all of this plot business provides the context for a musical revue, the schtick of the series being a radio show, in this case featuring the likes of Shep Fields, Tito Guízar and others. But there are also non-radio broadcast numbers: in the film's most famous scene, Buzz and Cleo reminisce about their life together as husband and wife; the song, "Thanks for the Memory", which won the Academy Award for Best Original Song that year, reveals that they still have feelings for each other. Another non-revue minor gem, sung by Dorothy Lamour, is "You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart".
As always, love wins out and all ends well for everyone who deserves it.
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 Thanks For The Memory
(1937) The Big Broadcast of 1938 Leo Robin (w) Ralph Rainger (m)

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Sheffer Recital Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
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