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OFAM 2023 - If Only In My Dreams
In The Mood
Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw & WWII
Wed, Aug 2 - Sat, Aug 12
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
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By the end of World War II the Age of Big Band Swing was effectively over. There are many theories as to why this happened. World War II itself, with its ever-increasing call for young men and women to join the armed forces and its equally exacting toll on the U. S. economy in general with various government imposed restrictions and various taxes was one point of pressure on big bands. The American Federation of Musicians boycot strikes against record companies and radio stations was another. And finally there were the internal cultural pressures on big band swing itself as many of the best sidemen and bandleaders tired of playing for audiences who, according to Artie Shaw, "just wanted to hear dance music" and turned to their own inclinations towards jazz.
In The Mood is one of 7 OFAM 2023 concerts presented twice:
    Evening: Wed, Aug 2, 7:30 pm
    Matinée: Sat, Aug 12, 1:30 pm
Whatever the reasons (and they were indeed complex), by the mid-1940s the big bands were effectively gone. Yet during the years of World War II many of the elements of Big Band Swing remained, with persisting vitality, much of which "lived" in the ongoing effort of the AFRS to boost morale and the general sentiment among many musicians and band leaders to do their part in the war effort. Two standouts were Glenn Miller and Artie Shaw. In 1942 Glenn Miller disbanded his civilian big band, joined the Army Air Forces and led the AAF orchestra until his death over the English Channel in December 1944. Artie Shaw joined the Navy soon after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and led a morale-raising Navy band in the Pacific through 1943l
Chuck Redd and the Festival big band welcome Shirley Andress, Lynnea Barry and Bill Hulings for a survey the best of big band swing during World War II with a special emphasis on Glenn Miller and Artie Shaw, other big band leaders and groups as well.
Event Personnel
Chuck Redd, director
Nicki Parrott, bass
Kevin Kanner, drums
Chuck Redd, vibes
Devin Wright, reeds
Jonathan Corona, reeds
Miles Griffith, reeds
Dan Barrett, trombone
Glenn Griffith, trombone
Richard Lewis, trombone
Burnette Dillon, trumpet
Dave Bender, trumpet
Cody Simmons, trumpet
August, 2023
We 02 7:30 pIn The Mood: Eugene
Sa 12 1:30 pIn The Mood: Eugene
Ticket/Venue Info
No ticketing information available.
Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
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